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Website tracks online censorship reports

Having trouble accessing a website?  Suspect it might be more than just a faulty connection or technical malfunction? Visit Herdict.org, a website designed to track reports of censored web sites around the world.  There, you can report  anonymously that a … Continue reading

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The Tweet Heard Around the World: Thwarting Censorship in Iran, One Proxy-Server at a Time

The Iranian government, never a proponent of free expression, has ramped up its practice of filtering its citizens’ access to social networking websites following Friday’s election and the ensuing protests.  For instance, the Iranian government has blocked access to Twitter … Continue reading

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Why should U.S. computer manufacturers care about censorship in China?

Beijing recently gave computer manufacturers six weeks’ notice that all new PCs sold in China must have Green Dam software installed on their hard drives.  The name for the government-developed filtering program comes from references to a regulated Internet as … Continue reading

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What it means: Nine Inch Nails and the iPhone application*: Annotated edition (*4+)

I should have put money on it – or at least Twittered – my Monday prediction that Apple would re-allow the new Nine Inch Nails application into the iPhone Store. The Apple store pulled the application because the application – … Continue reading

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#amazonfail explained in a flowchart

See it in full effect. Inspired by Anatomy of the #AmazonFAIL protest.

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Amazon removes GLBT books from search, some books back in online store

The twittersphere has been, well, a-twitter (sorry!) about a story this weekend of Amazon pulling media with GLBT content from it’s sales ranking. Search #amazonfail to have a look. The excuse? The books were “adult” materials. However, it became quickly … Continue reading

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Twitterback: Let us know how we’re doing.

If you follow our Twitter account, we’d love some feedback on how we’re doing. Please fill out this 45-second survey to let us know. Thank you for your help!

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On the significance of LOL cats

Ethan Zuckerman, who founded Global Voices Online, has an excellent talk in which he explains how web 2.0 services (that allow people to socially network, share LOL cats, and organize politically) play a critical role in getting around government censorship.  … Continue reading

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