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Adult Anxieties Over Young Adult Fiction Endure

Over at NCAC participating organization CBLDF, Maren Williams has a great blog post refuting arguments that “dark lit” irrevocably harms the innocent minds of today’s youths. We’re sharing it here for you as well… Every once in a while, some … Continue reading

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Professors and Advocates Call Out Former Gov. Mitch Daniels for Egregious Censorship Attempts

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, the Associated Press recently revealed that Mitch Daniels, now President of Purdue University, attempted to ban the works of acclaimed historian Howard Zinn from classrooms in Indiana during his tenure as that … Continue reading

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Read ‘Em and Weep: Quotes from a Real, Live Book Censorship Debate over Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”

The following may inspire tears of pride and/or rage, depending on your disposition. They are quotes from two petitions: one on each side of a debate over the use of Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and other texts in Adams … Continue reading

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What’s the Harm in the Government Spreading Fear About Video Games? A Lot, Actually!

Since our op-ed on New Jersey Senate Bill 2715 landed in the Times of Trenton, and our subsequent letter to Gov. Chris Christie was picked up by video game journalists, we’ve seen a couple questions pop up in comments and … Continue reading

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Jailed for a Facebook post: 19-Year-Old Justin Carter, State Sensitivity and the Half-Million-Dollar Bail

Have you ever lost your temper and said something in the heat of the moment you later came to regret? Did you end up waiting 5 months in jail for a trial because your family couldn’t make your half million … Continue reading

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NCAC Talks to the Man Behind Pico v. Board of Ed

Steven Pico may not be a household name. But for those who champion the freedom to read, he’s a big deal. Back in 1976, Pico and four other teens sued their school district in Long Island, NY, for banning 11 books … Continue reading

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Chris Brown’s Monstery House, Graffiti as Art and Other First Amendment Questions

Last week brought us one of those rare occasions where Perez Hilton reported on the invocation of First Amendment rights, as Chris Brown declared he would fight a Los Angeles citation. Brown was fined $376 for “unpermitted and excessive signage” … Continue reading

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