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Students Speak Out on Teacher Layoffs

It’s not every day that students’ voices are heard concerning school policy. Indeed, most major decisions in public education are made with little or no student input. But with teacher layoffs pending in school districts across the nation,  hundreds students … Continue reading

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Locker lending library of banned books makes reading cool

The Canturbury Tales, Candide, the Holy Qur’an, The Evolution of Man, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:  all these titles are on the list of books banned at a Catholic high school somewhere in the U.S.  But that also … Continue reading

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Reading about it will make you do it?

We’ve read recently about controversy over YA author Laurie Halse Anderson’s recent novel, Wintergirls, in which a high school girl struggles with anorexia and her friend’s death from the disease.  Critics of the book say it serves as a “how-to” … Continue reading

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Nostalgia time! NCAC blogger Rebecca is moving on…

Rebecca Zeidel has been an astute and dedicated* blogger here at NCAC blog. Chairing the Kids’ Right to Read Project (a project co-sponsored by NCAC and ABFFE), she’s written about book censorship,  science censorship, and censorship of youth voices. Today’s … Continue reading

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Libel Tourism: Taking a vacation from your First Amendment rights

The New York Times weighed in Tuesday on “libel tourism” and advocated for the Senate bill that would protect U.S. citizens’ First Amendment rights from the more stringent laws of other countries, notably England. Senators Arlen Specter and Joe Lieberman … Continue reading

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Elementary Exclusion: Student not allowed to give presentation on Harvey Milk

Natalie Jones, a sixth grade student at Mt. Woodson Elementary School, CA was censored earlier this month after her principal and superintendent failed to apply Ramona United School District’s policy reasonably and professionally. Natalie was told she would only be … Continue reading

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How to get rich quick with the iPhone. Maybe.

The process for developing iPhone applications is simple: you need a catchy idea, a smart programmer (or two, or more) and lots of time. Easy. Once you’re done, you can then submit your application to the Apple store for review. … Continue reading

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