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Kudos to YouTube

Earlier this year we reported on YouTube’s removal and subsequent restoration of videos by dance-artist Amy Greenfield. At that point we voiced serious concerns about the lack of an appeals process for individuals who believe that their work has been … Continue reading

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Landmark Obscenity Trial: HOWL film and discussion, Friday 9/24

Beat-icon Allen Ginsberg is getting a resurgence of attention, 13 years after his death at the age of 70. A movie based on the story behind Ginsberg’s signature poem, HOWL, opens this Friday, September 24. It stars James Franco as … Continue reading

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A virtual demonstration against censorship

A Second Life user films a demonstration opposing the virtual world’s ban of Rose Borchovski’s The Kiss, which was intended to be shown at SL’s 7th birthday celebration. For more about the incident, see “Second Life Censors Machinema Film Over … Continue reading

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State Governments Use Money to Censor Movies Filmed In Their States That Disturb Their Sensibilities and Egos.

Should states withhold film incentive because a film criticizes its anti-immigration policies or shows too much violence, or because a state official just finds it “objectionable”? As a way to bring business and revenue to their regions, various states have … Continue reading

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Join us on Saturday to view the winning YFEN films!

On March 27 from 1-4 at the New York Film Academy, NCAC partners with Kahlil Almustafa, Emily Kunstler, Reel Works, and Global Action Project for an afternoon of making connections and exploring the power of youth-made media. Stop by to … Continue reading

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Avatar, smoking and free speech

Avatar has incited controversy over Sigourney Weaver’s character’s smoking in the film, even though the character is decidedly not, as director James Cameron describes, “an aspirational role model” for teenagers. Anti-smoking advocates fear that children will mimic the vices they … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Film Censorship

To view the full image, click the image above.

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