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Farewell, Edward de Grazia

Edward de Grazia, a lawyer, professor, playwright and staunch defender of free speech died on April 11 at the age of 86. de Grazia represented famed banned writers Arthur Miller, William S. Burroughs, and Normal Mailer among others and served as … Continue reading

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It’s About Time We Have “The Video Game Talk”

Last Monday the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 to strike down a California law that banned the selling of violent video games to minors. The Supreme Court ruled that video games are allowed the same protection under the first amendment as … Continue reading

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NCAC censored!

Censorship incidents on the web are more and more common, but it’s still rare when they happen to an anti-censorship organization like the NCAC. Network Solutions, a company providing web services, has threatened to remove TheFileroom.org, an interactive archive of … Continue reading

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Landmark Obscenity Trial: HOWL film and discussion, Friday 9/24

Beat-icon Allen Ginsberg is getting a resurgence of attention, 13 years after his death at the age of 70. A movie based on the story behind Ginsberg’s signature poem, HOWL, opens this Friday, September 24. It stars James Franco as … Continue reading

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Stagliano Case: A Hollow Victory?

John Stagliano had his case thrown out by Judge Richard Leon early this week.  Rather than having been found not guilty based on the First Amendment, it was thrown out because the prosecution bungled their case, and the judge determined … Continue reading

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Overbroad Internet Obscenity Law Comes Into Effect in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has become the latest state to try to try to protect minors from sexual content online at the expense of First Amendment rights. Like many states, Massachusetts has long had laws on the books making it a crime to … Continue reading

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LGBTQ-themed book removed from New Jersey high school library

The Rancocas Valley School Board in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, chose to remove one of the three challenged books at its meeting on May 4. Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology and two other books were challenged because they … Continue reading

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Breast-feeding photos censored on Facebook

Mothers International Lactation Campaign (MILC) protested in front of Facebook headquarters after photos of mothers breastfeeding their children were removed from Facebook. Facebook said the images violated the terms of agreement (see also: Lori Drew). Heather Farley, a protest organizer, … Continue reading

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Barney Rosset

Following Barney Rosset’s National Book Award in November (and NCAC’s honoring Rosset as a Free Speech Defender), Newsweek has published a long piece on Rosset, his work and his role in bringing new literature and thought to the American conversation. … Continue reading

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