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NCAC joins 53 other organizations to oppose the FISA “Improvements” Act – Add your voice today!

Fifty-four civil liberties and public interest groups sent a letter to Congressional leadership today opposing S. 1631, the FISA Improvements Act. The bill, promoted by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), seeks to legalize and extend NSA mass surveillance programs, including the … Continue reading

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NCAC and Coalition Members File Briefs Defending Student Speech

On Monday, NCAC joined with other organizations on an friend of the court brief (.pdf) to the U.S.  Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Barnes v. Zaccari, an important case involving the speech rights of college students. The … Continue reading

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Update on CU Boulder incident: faculty review could clear Adler to teach “Deviance” course

Updates are coming in on the threat to academic freedom at the University of Colorado Boulder. According to the Daily Camera (via the Chronicle of Higher Ed’s Ticker blog), CU professor Patricia Adler might still have a chance to teach her … Continue reading

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Sociology Professor Sanctioned for Class on Prostitution at University of Colorado Boulder

Why is it that every time sex enters the conversation in academia, harassment always appears to shadow it? How perverse – and unfair to real victims of harassment –  that this serious charge is used against a professor for nothing … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Rules NSA Program Likely Unconstitutional

Yesterday, a federal judge issued an order holding that the National Security Agency’s tracking and collecting cellphone “metadata” without a warrant is “almost certainly” unconstitutional under the 4th Amendment. The court issued a preliminary injunction against the NSA’s tracking cellphone … Continue reading

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Happy Nude Year! Lawsuit Forces Display of Nudes Until January 17

Court settlement extends San Bernardino County Government Center exhibit, to compensate for time during which paintings had been removed. Today NCAC and and the ACLU of Southern California were please to see the final court settlement that extends the exhibition … Continue reading

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Kids’ Right to Read Top Banned Books of 2013…Help Support Our Fight!

Here they are: KRRP’s Top Victories of 2013. We are proud of our work in successfully battling these book challenges, but this effort can only continue with your continued support of the project. If you love these books, support us in … Continue reading

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