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Security For Whistleblowers

In the wake of the Wikileaks controversy, the Obama administration has increased its efforts to punish government officials accused of leaking classified information to the news media. While the Justice Department has the right to hold FBI, NSA and CIA … Continue reading

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Report Card: HEALTH

GRADE:  B – The push to teach abstinence-only education landed Health Education (primarily sexual education) in an abysmal place. As we have explained on the NCAC website, government funding-based mandates to provide a narrow and limited curriculum on a topic, … Continue reading

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Jack Thompson calls on national policy to limit video game sales

Jack Thompson, who penned HB 353 (the bill pending in Utah that we asked you to help stop) has written a letter to President Obama calling for a national plan similar to the one proposed in Utah. In response to … Continue reading

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A false dichotomy: Peter Schmidt argues ideological exclusion may have protected us from terrorists

In an article published today in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Peter Schmidt responds to the call to stop ideological exclusion, the denial of visa to foreign scholars, writers, etc. based on their political positions. In this article, “Obama Must … Continue reading

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Separating science from politics: Obama on stem cells. Next: abstinence-only funding?

It’s refreshing to see President Obama moving forward on his promise to separate science from politics.  By freeing scientists to do more research using stem cells, and by commissioning NIH to develop guidelines, the President has put scientific decisions where … Continue reading

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NCAC Executive Director Joan Bertin weighs in on NYPost cartoon controvery

CNN’s coverage of the NY Post’s controversial cartoon from a First Amendment perspective. Click here to watch the video. NCAC Executive Director Joan Bertin weighs in, noting NCAC’s response to the violence in Denmark resulting from a newspaper’s running cartoon … Continue reading

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Direct TV rejects ad about recent Gaza invasion as too “controversial”

Satellite television provider Direct TV’s recent decision to reject an advertisement produced by the advocacy group U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation raises serious questions about the responsibilities of corporate media to permit, if not promote, the free exchange … Continue reading

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After COPA: Does Congress want to protect First Amendment freedom online?

It’s censorship projection day today. Leslie Harris, President and CEO of the Center for Democracy & Technology weighs in on the political landscape for internet censorship post-COPA at the Huffington Post: So what happens next? Will Congress once again beat … Continue reading

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Obama, the Arts and Free Expression

The new president is giving every mildly liberal person reason to hope their pet cause might be advaced in the next four years. So what about my pet cause: creative freedom? Things appear optimistic. After all Barack Obama enters office … Continue reading

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UK push for Internet ratings, “cinema-style”

The UK culture secretary Andy Burnham has recently spoken out about making the internet safer by adopting a rating system similar to the movie ratings. His take on the web: “quite a dangerous place.” According to the Telegraph: His plans … Continue reading

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