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The Privacy Network

As Facebook continues to dominate the social media sphere, new competitors emerge to challenge the weaknesses apparent in its design.  One of the most recent of this breed is the social networking site Pidder. Drawing on fears of data-mining and … Continue reading

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The Tweet Heard Around the World: Thwarting Censorship in Iran, One Proxy-Server at a Time

The Iranian government, never a proponent of free expression, has ramped up its practice of filtering its citizens’ access to social networking websites following Friday’s election and the ensuing protests.  For instance, the Iranian government has blocked access to Twitter … Continue reading

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The social network effect on music

Interesting post on Slashdot about how social network groups influence tastes of the members. The article’s by Bennett Haselton (the founder of peacefire.org). The article cites a study showing that: They also noted that in the “social influence” worlds where … Continue reading

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