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Wrestling with internet hate speech

In the coming weeks we will be featuring posts from our smart and savvy summer interns. This post is by programs intern Eli Siems. Eli is a recent graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a degree in English. He is passionate about … Continue reading

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Universities struggle to respond to student outrage

Last week, two public universities struggled with how to respond to student outrage. Eleven students were arrested at the University of California at Irvine for disrupting the speech of Israeli ambassador Michael Oren.  Meanwhile, the University of Oregon has been … Continue reading

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Consequences of the Google China conflict: Hillary Clinton for an open Internet

In an impassioned speech at the Newseum in Washington on January 21, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attacked countries who limit the free circulation of peaceful dissent and religious ideas on the Internet and those who use the Internet for … Continue reading

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Tasers and Hate Speech Codes; Silencing is Not Speech

It started with an invitation and ended with pepper spray and Tasers. This past April, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill chapter of Youth for Western Civilization, a student group dedicated to the survival of Western civilization, invited former Colorado … Continue reading

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College ACB succeeds JuicyCampus, AKA the rose phenomenon

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” — William Shakespeare The day JuicyCampus shuttered, the website (juicycampus.com) began redirecting to College ACB (Anonymous Confession Board). With the same promise of anonymity, College ACB … Continue reading

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EU Presidency “Entropa” Controversy or the Art of Offense

An art installation, sponsored by the new Czeck EU Presidency, and displayed in the European Council building in Brussels has become a litmus test for EU sensitivities. The conceptual artist David Černý was commisssioned to invite 27 artists from EU member … Continue reading

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NC State Update

An incident at North Carolina State University in early November involving hateful words directed at President-elect Obama has sparked debate on campus about the extent to which Hate Speech is Free Speech. The debate has apparently spread to the UNC  … Continue reading

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Hate Speech is Free Speech

And yet not without consequences. After the November 4th election of Barack Obama, 4 North Carolina State students hit the “Free Expression Tunnel” to spray paint messages that have now sparked a fierce debate on campus about how to respond … Continue reading

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The Bumper Sticker Wars

Walla Walla, WA. A high school student is suspended for a bumper sticker on her car. Its contents: “I fucked your boyfriend” Camp Lejeune, NC. Civilian employee and Marine Corps veteran, Jesse Nieto, is ordered to remove stickers from his … Continue reading

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Racism, Obama and free expression

The victory of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election has shown us signs of improving race relations in this country. Sadly this isn’t the case some areas of the south where the election of the United States first black … Continue reading

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