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2009 Film Contest Announced/ NYC Students Sound Off About Free Speech in School

On March 28, 2009, students from all over New York City gathered at the first annual Youth Voices Uncensored. This video, shot and edited by Kyle Graffam, captures highlights from the day as participants discussed the topic of this year’s … Continue reading

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Contentious Quilts, not for cuddling?

The quilts that grace the pages of Quilter’s Home’s March/April edition are probably not what your grandmother would have made. Their contemporary subject-matter and the direct approach of the quilting artists caused a stir with Jo-Ann Fabrics who refused to … Continue reading

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Knoxville to Students: No LGBT Websites

In February 2009, NCAC and the ACLU of Tennessee jointly responded to a situation at a Knoxville, TN high school where internet filters are currently blocking constitutional protected material on the web, specifically sites that provide political and educational content … Continue reading

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Contested speech on college campuses

Student Press: No Socialists Allowed At least that seems to be the case at Central Connecticut State University where student journalist, Marissa Blaszko, was apparently  fired last month from the school paper because of her connections to the student club, … Continue reading

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#amazonfail explained in a flowchart

See it in full effect. Inspired by Anatomy of the #AmazonFAIL protest.

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Vermont Looks to Decriminalize Teen Sexting

The Vermont Legislature hopes to tackle the problem of teens facing criminal charges for sexting. The Senate has endorsed a proposal for a bill that would carve out a sexting exception in child pornography laws.   Under this proposed law, people … Continue reading

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Amazon removes GLBT books from search, some books back in online store

The twittersphere has been, well, a-twitter (sorry!) about a story this weekend of Amazon pulling media with GLBT content from it’s sales ranking. Search #amazonfail to have a look. The excuse? The books were “adult” materials. However, it became quickly … Continue reading

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