Website tracks online censorship reports

Having trouble accessing a website?  Suspect it might be more than just a faulty connection or technical malfunction?

Visit, a website designed to track reports of censored web sites around the world.  There, you can report  anonymously that a site is inaccessible and see if other people are having the same problem.  There is no way to determine whether or not the inaccessibility of a site is the result of a technical glitch, hackers (see trouble today) or the government stepping in, but it can be a warning that something’s up even before the media catches wind of it, as it was when China censored YouTube and Google.

All in all, it’s a pretty fascinating way to keep watch of potential censorship problems reported directly from the source – and to track the “verdict of the herd”, the idea from which the site takes its name.

About Blog of the National Coalition Against Censorship

Blogging Censorship is where National Coalition Against Censorship staff weigh in on the censorship issues on their minds.
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