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Why would BP stifle information about the oil spill?

You might think that an accurate calculation of the amount of oil flowing into the gulf would be crucial to understanding the environmental impact of the spill.  You might also think that the nation’s top scientists would be a valuable … Continue reading

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Can Censorship Lead to Oil Spills?

As evidence mounts that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico might have been averted if experts’ warnings had been heeded, a troubling picture of suppression of scientific information in favor of a push to “drill, baby, drill” is … Continue reading

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Science informing politics, not politics informing science

Science based policy had a rough time of it for the last eight years. More than any prior administration, Democratic or Republican, the Bush Administration censored, suppressed, distorted and ignored science. Government scientists were harassed and retaliated against and scientific … Continue reading

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Science in Transition

Over the past eight years, government censorship of science has ranged from silencing researchers to creating policies that interfered with the free exchange of scientific ideas.  Government censorship of science includes distortion and suppression of data, and threatens the public’s … Continue reading

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Student editorial on evolution pulled by principal

A dispiriting story in the Roanoke Times on a student who’s opinion piece on evolution was pulled by the principle principal (amusing typo, Sarah). Brandon Creasy, who is a student at Leonard A. Gereau Center for Applied Technology and Career … Continue reading

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More Banned Books!!

I started earlier this by posting up one of the top ten banned books in honor of Banned Books Week. And Tango Makes Three, a children’s book about two male peguins hatching and raising a chick into a loving family … Continue reading

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