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Scott Southworth is at it again

Scott Southworth, the district attorney of Juneau County, Wisconsin, is threatening to prosecute teachers who comply with a new state law that requires sex education courses to include “medically accurate, age-appropriate” information, including information on contraceptives. Southworth claims the law … Continue reading

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CDC Report Shows Why Teens Need Comprehensive Sex Ed. Now

Health education that consists of only an abstinence-only message has disturbing consequences. By depriving teenagers of access to information about their health and bodies in schools, it makes them vulnerable to STD/s and unwanted early pregnancies. The problems of censoring … Continue reading

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Infographic: Abstinence-Only Education

To view the full image, click the image above.

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Revisiting Shelby Knox’s Fight Against Abstinence-only Education – A Review and an Update

I recently had the chance to watch The Education of Shelby Knox, a documentary chronicling a high school student’s campaign to bring alternatives to abstinence-only education to her school in Lubbock, Texas.  A lot happens in eight years. Shelby has since … Continue reading

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Report Card: HEALTH

GRADE:  B – The push to teach abstinence-only education landed Health Education (primarily sexual education) in an abysmal place. As we have explained on the NCAC website, government funding-based mandates to provide a narrow and limited curriculum on a topic, … Continue reading

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Separating science from politics: Obama on stem cells. Next: abstinence-only funding?

It’s refreshing to see President Obama moving forward on his promise to separate science from politics.  By freeing scientists to do more research using stem cells, and by commissioning NIH to develop guidelines, the President has put scientific decisions where … Continue reading

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Global gag rule lifted

On Friday, January 23rd, President Obama lifted the “global gag rule” by executive order. The policy prohibited international organizations receiving federal funding to talk about abortion as an option. In the Winter 2008 issue of Censorship News, in our “issues … Continue reading

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Science in Transition

Over the past eight years, government censorship of science has ranged from silencing researchers to creating policies that interfered with the free exchange of scientific ideas.  Government censorship of science includes distortion and suppression of data, and threatens the public’s … Continue reading

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Poll: By censorship, you mean…

2009 is approaching, and as we plan our next year, we want to know: what censorship issue is nearest and dearest to you? Your answers can help shape this blog and the kind of projects NCAC pursues. Feel free to … Continue reading

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So now what?

The most enjoyable part of my election night was walking away from hipster Williamsburg and past a laundromat where Obama’s acceptance speech was playing. Inside the laundromat was a young Orthodox Jewish couple, a biracial lesbian couple, a handful of … Continue reading

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