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Internet freedom under threat

The United States has a tradition of generally broad protection of freedom of speech, which has persisted in the Internet age.  Thus American courts have struck down most laws attempting to limit content on the Internet, including provisions of the … Continue reading

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Niche-Niche: Wikipedia refuses to remove content contrary to German lawyer’s cease and desist letters

The First Amendment provides American-based websites with the freedom to report on newsworthy events, including those that happen in other countries to citizens of other countries. Yet, the global nature of the Internet opens it up to legal challenges from … Continue reading

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Skirting responsibility: Google CEO Eric Schmidt on internet censorship

On Monday, The Telegraph reported on Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s talk at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival. In it, he chastised censorious governments, saying completely effective internet censorship was unattainable and governments trying to do so were doomed to fail. … Continue reading

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Facing the global audience: Flickr and censorship

The scene: Flickr permanently deletes accounts There are three Flickr* censorship stories floating around the internet at the moment (there are ongoing Flickr censorship stories). *Flickr – which let’s users upload photos and videos – is owned by Yahoo. One … Continue reading

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