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Senators Call For Response to Idiotic Burning of Qur’an, But What Kind?

A couple weeks ago, Terry Jones finally gave into his burning desire to burn a Qur’an. Over the weekend, Afghans rioted over online video of the burning, resulting in the deaths of up to 20 people. General Petreus called the … Continue reading

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Ideological Exclusion and Malalai Joya

Though the U.S. military has occupied Afghanistan for nearly a decade, we have rarely received the opportunity to hear about the lives of every day Afghans from the mouths of everyday Afghans. On the eve of one such opportunity, the book tour … Continue reading

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LA MOCA whitewashing – is it censorship?

A mural announcing LA MOCA’s upcoming Art in the Streets exhibition, a survey of street art over the past four decades, was painted over – upon orders from the Museum – shortly after it appeared on December 8th. Was this an act of censorship or an exercise of legitimate curatorial control? The answer may depend on your definition of both terms. Continue reading

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Covering War

Now Twittering: AJGaza The New York Times recently  printed an article by Noel Cohen about the limited access Americans have to Al Jazeera’s coverage of Israel’s invasion of Gaza.  This, as Cohen notes, is in part because the station is … Continue reading

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