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NY Times Accused of Spinning Mass Arrest

As #OccupyWallSt continues just blocks from NCAC’s offices, Twitter user @FreeSpkr sent us a link to a screenshot being passed around in the wake of Sunday’s mass arrest of 700+ protestors on the Brooklyn Bridge: Advertisements

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Reassessing “Decency”

On Monday, June 27th, the Supreme Court announced that upon returning from its summer recess in October, it would revisit the Federal Communication Commission’s rule that allows it to fine broadcasters for “indecency.” Last year, the New York-based 2nd U.S. … Continue reading

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Why Would Anyone Protest Walter Cronkite?

When I first heard that Fred Phelps, the famous anti-gay activist, planned to protest the funeral of one of the modern heroes of journalism, the late Walter Cronkite, I thought I had missed something in The New York Times obituary.  … Continue reading

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Direct TV rejects ad about recent Gaza invasion as too “controversial”

Satellite television provider Direct TV’s recent decision to reject an advertisement produced by the advocacy group U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation raises serious questions about the responsibilities of corporate media to permit, if not promote, the free exchange … Continue reading

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Covering War

Now Twittering: AJGaza The New York Times recently  printed an article by Noel Cohen about the limited access Americans have to Al Jazeera’s coverage of Israel’s invasion of Gaza.  This, as Cohen notes, is in part because the station is … Continue reading

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Blame TV.

As the Washington Post reported earlier this week, a recent study that correlates pregnancy rates among sexually active teens to the amount of TV sex they watched disregards a key issue: teen access to contraceptives and information on contraception. According … Continue reading

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