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Vermont Looks to Decriminalize Teen Sexting

The Vermont Legislature hopes to tackle the problem of teens facing criminal charges for sexting. The Senate has endorsed a proposal for a bill that would carve out a sexting exception in child pornography laws.   Under this proposed law, people … Continue reading

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Update: Judge Agrees with Teens in Pennsylvania Sexting Case

A victory for free expression! Last week, three Pennsylvania high school students and their families brought suit against a Wyoming County prosecutor over allegations of First Amendment violations. Yesterday, a U.S. District judge sided with the teens, and issued a … Continue reading

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The Right to “Sext”: Sending Nude Photos of Oneself is a Right

Another legal action over the practice of sexting has emerged. Only this time it is the alleged “sexters” who are suing state prosecutors on the grounds that criminalizing sexting infringes on their First Amendment rights. Last month, three high school … Continue reading

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BGSU art censorship update

In an email to faculty today BGSU Interim Provost Mark Gromko stated that “the piece was initially removed so that […] legal review could occur.” Apparently BGSU administrators were wondering whether “the sculpture constituted child pornography or breached restrictions on … Continue reading

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