[VIDEO] 2013 YFEP Film Contest Finalist: Gaming – My Story

This film is one of ten semi-finalists in our 2013 Youth Free Expression Film Contest. LOVE this film? VOTE. You can help it win People’s Choice by liking it on YouTube.

“Gaming: My Story” by Sylvan Gu
Age 18, Madison WI

About this Film:

“”Gaming – My Story” is a personal documentary film where I discuss my experiences and display my passion for gaming. In the video, I express my thoughts on the debate about whether video games are the cause for violence in today’s world, and argue that games cannot be the direct cause of violent behavior. Although games can be a factor, there are many other factors that shape an individual including other forms of media and the way that a child is raised. I hope for people to see video games as a great form of entertainment that is equivalent to TV, movies, and music. It should not be treated any different, and content should be accessible to anyone without being censored or banned. Parents have the right to decide for themselves what is appropriate for their children, but to forbid mature games to be published in and of itself is not a solution to reducing crime activity.

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