No Sex in ‘The CNM Chronicle’

Yesterday, Central New Mexico Community College’s student newspaper—”The CNM Chronicle”— was recently shut down by college administrators after publishing an issue focusing on sex and sex education.

While elements of the issue proclaimed themselves as “raunchy”, including a poll on favorite sexual positions and how-to guides for exploring kinks, much of the newspaper was dedicated to sexual education. Articles included information on the importance of consent, explored LGBQT rights as well as an editorial on the benefits of abstinence.

Clearly the “Chronicle” issue was meant to both titillate and educate college-age readers. This unfortunate act of censorship has elicited protests from the neighboring University of New Mexico. Because all “CNM Chronicle” staffers were students on work-study, all students have lost their jobs and have been reassigned to new positions within the college.

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1 Response to No Sex in ‘The CNM Chronicle’

  1. Karen says:

    I disagree with your benign assessment of the articles. Being a victim of sexual violence, I don’t need to know what sexual position one of my potential classmates may enjoy. I am at college to get an education—-not deal with solicitous behaviors. That article by itself was a poor job of reporting!!! Larry Flynn does not own the Chronicle—-the taxpayers do.

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