On the Tenth Day of Censorship, the Censors Gave to Me…Egyptian Breasts Milking

Nude Ladies Dancing
Lords Banned for Witchcraft
Bush Monkeys Swimming
Nude Adults laying
A golden chastity key
Aristophanes‘ The Birds
Catholic French outrage,
a Clear Channel Dove
and no art in Newark library

Five nude paintings were pulled from a show in Nevada County, California after Nevada County’s general services analyst called for their removal. One called, Hathor, featured an Egyptian goddess pouring milk from her breasts into the Nile River. None of the paintings contain full nudity: two show the nude form from behind and three others are of the waist up.

Artists covered up a few of the pieces and rehung them, with labels that read “CENSORED.” Subsequently the County Board of Supervisors decided to cancel the whole show but it was later moved to The Center for the Arts, another local venue, to be put on display in full.


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