On the 6th Day of Censorship the Censors Gave to Me… Nude Adults Laying

…A golden chastity key
Aristophanes‘ The Birds
Catholic French outrage,
a Clear Channel Dove
and no art in Newark library


A school administration in South Dakota pulled an entire set of encyclopedias off library shelves after discovering some steamy and offensive content that would certainly do damage to minors. The picture of two adults lying next to each other embracing, naked, was part of a page on sexuality featured in The Encyclopedia of Family Health. The fact that they were visibly wearing  wedding bands helped nothing (after all, what was there to say they were married to each other?!? Imagine, married people doing such dirty things as cuddling…). 12days of censorship

When the librarian objected, she was asked if she wanted to lose her job. Ultimately, the editions remained in the library, but the offending pages were covered with paper, ensuring that every student within a hundred-mile radius was intrigued by what “filth” those pages contained.

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