Sherman Alexie: “I love to scare the already terrified assholes”

Guernica magazine featured a great interview with frequently challenged and banned author, Sherman Alexie. Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian has appeared on the ALA’s most challenged list in both 2010 and 2011; the Kids’ Right to Read Project has defended the book in Missouri, Oregon and Washington state, to name just a few.

In the interview, Alexie answers questions about the censoring impulse, what it feels like to be a banned author and the drawbacks to keeping books out of the hands of kids.

I believe in any kid’s ability to read any book and form their own judgements.  It’s the job of a parent to guide his/her child through the reading of every book imaginable. Censorship of any form punishes curiosity.

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1 Response to Sherman Alexie: “I love to scare the already terrified assholes”

  1. Sherman Alexie and his book are wonderful. This comment is going to be about Banned Books Week and the 2010 list on which the book appeared.

    The “censorship” of Sherman Alexie’s book is blown up into a major catastrophe of grave proportions. In reality, it’s a tempest on the ALA’s teapot. In all of 2010, the top book on the 2010 list was only challenged 4 times across the entire USA for an entire year. People complain about anything, so four challenges all year is no big deal, let alone a censorship threat. And Sherman Alexie’s book was not tops on the list. It was challenged what, twice? Three times? All year?

    Besides, no books have banned in the USA for about half a century.

    Further, the ALA faked the 2010 list. Literally faked it. Admittedly so. And I recorded the #9 author on the list essentially admitting so. See/listen for yourselves:

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