Free Speech Defender-Superstar Photos!

Last night we celebrated a bunch of amazing defenders of Free Speech at Tribeca 360 in Manhattan. We have pictures! Here’s a taste:

Judy Blume presents Laurie Halse Anderson with her Free Speech Defender award! We all honored Laurie for continuing to write awesome, challenging books for kids of all ages.

Publisher Jane Friedman and Kaylie Jones! This year, Kaylie released an uncensored version of the classic From Here To Eternity, written by her father James Jones.

And Free Speech Defender Paul M. Smith, who mightily battled for video games as protected speech before the Supreme Court on the California ban case — whose award is being presented by NCAC Executive Director Joan Bertin!

Check out the whole gang: Event Chair Don Weisberg (Penguin Young Readers Group — thanks to Don and everyone at Penguin!), Judy, Paul, Laurie, Jane, Kaylie and Joan!

(Photos by James Patrick Cooper)

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