Celebrate 35 years with NCAC at City Winery, tonight!

Today, Monday, October 19th the National Coalition Against Censorship is celebrating its 35th Anniversary! Since 1974, NCAC has fought hundreds of attempts to regulate speech including criticizing the results of Meese Report in 1986, opposing the censorship of films like Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ and The Tin Drum, and taking a firm stand in ongoing controversies over public funding and museum exhibitions. NCAC also files legal briefs in support of significant court cases, organizes panels, and publishes online and print materials on the effects of censorship.

What better way to celebrate our 35th than to throw a party to honor the much-celebrated, and much-censored author, Judy Blume? Blume began to encounter challenges to her books in the early 1980s.  In 1983, she came to NCAC for assistance and, as she has frequently said, “NCAC changed my life.”  Just as it did then, NCAC continues to offer support and assistance to authors, artists, students, and anyone else involved in a censorship controversy.

As UK’s Guardian says,

Blume is an author worth honouring, and the fight against censorship one worth fighting – particularly with the latest piece of you-cannot-be-serious news that even Bibles aren’t safe in some parts of America. (Worse or better than this story? You decide.)

For those on the cheap, show only tickets available for $50 at City Winery’s site.  Arrive at 7:45, cocktail dress.

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