Kids’ Right to Read urges Leesburg library to uphold decision

The Kids’ Right To Read Project sent a letter today to the Leesburg Public Library Advisory Board applauding their decision to keep two challenged books on the shelves in the Young Adult section without labeling or restricting them in any way.  We also urged the Board to uphold its decision during an appeals process.  Libraries serve every member of the community, and the First Amendment aims to protect individuals’ expression from the “tyranny of the majority.”  Parents have the right to restrict any books from their own children, but the books should continue to be available to every community member who wants to read them.

All of this blog’s coverage of the challenges to The Bermudez Triangle and Only in Your Dreams: A Gossip Girl Novel in the Leesburg Public Library may be found here.


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2 Responses to Kids’ Right to Read urges Leesburg library to uphold decision

  1. Tamsin-Emillie says:

    I think it would be wrong for the Minority to win. “protect” your own kids, don’t force it upon others. I for one went and and bought The Bermudez Triangle because of all of this…It’s insane!

  2. Jett says:

    If you are a Leesburg resident and support the library’s position and would not like to see changes in the current set up of the YA room please write to your commisioners and/or attend the commission meeting on August 24th!

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