Kirk’s ass, and censorship in the arts.

slurkflickr‘s commentary on cleaning up her own artwork:

So as a general rule, my relationship with DC Comics when I worked on “Star Trek TOS” was pretty great. I had a fantastic editor, Margaret Clark, and I even got a decent inker once or twice- rare for a relatively new penciller. However, there was this one time when I was working on a big double size issue that was all about Kirk’s relationship with the mother of his child, Carol Marcus. This scene takes place when they are still at the Academy- it’s pre-Kobayashi-Maru- and in Kirk’s dorm room, I believe. I wanted it to be all sex-positive, with Carol layin all over Jim’s firm young butt. However, it was censored during production, and the art appears in the actual comic with drapery between Jim and Carol, up to Jim’s waist. Boo!
I did get away with drawing a condom wrapper on Carol’s nightstand, later in the story.
(for those not familiar with the comic art process, the x’s are to tell the inker to put a solid black in that area.)

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1 Response to Kirk’s ass, and censorship in the arts.

  1. Kelly Knox says:

    This case is ludicrous! It’s a cartoon for pity’s sake: lines on paper! I think that this instance demonstrates a broader trend in “publishing” and “editorial” policy perpetrated by those who want to censor all images, in all media. It is as if they want to see exactly how draconian they can be before artists and others will take a stand and say “no more!”, “enough”–censorship is almost always wrong–but in this case it’s downright laughable! However, as Artists and others who are interested in freedom of expression and in freedom of thought, we must take this and other efforts like it seriously. If we don’t, these people will push even further, violate even more civil rights and suppress free (an in this case harmless) expression even more. Editors, Publishers and Advertisers are allowing themselves to be bullied into “self-censorship” for fear of an oppressive (and largely uninformed or ignorant) conservative minority whose religious and political zeal would suppress even the most innocuous and innocent images under the guise of a misguided and out-dated “morality”.

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