6/1/2009 On Sotomayor and censorship: First the bad news…

6/2/2009 Student speech under fire under Sotomayor?

6/3/2009 The Good News: Sotomayor’s decision in U.S. v. Quattrone, gagging gag orders

6/4/2009 What about Souter? A closer look at the Supreme Court’s outgoing Associate Justice

6/5/2009 Courts favor “Douchebags”; Doninger redux, and the problem of school censorship when it comes to off campus Internet expression

6/5/2009 Sotomayor carefully defended speech in Pappas v. Giuliani

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Blogging Censorship is where National Coalition Against Censorship staff weigh in on the censorship issues on their minds.
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2 Responses to ALL ABOUT SOTOMAYOR Roundup

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