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NCAC’s statement on the removal of sculpture from public university exhibit

Statement from the National Coalition Against Censorship Regarding the Recent Removal of an Artwork from an Exhibition at BGSU Firelands’ Little Gallery The recent removal of artwork by James Parlin from an exhibition of sculpture in the Little Gallery at … Continue reading

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HB 353: Imposing ratings systems and the First Amendment

HB 353 has been passed in the Utah state senate, and now sits on Governor Jon Huntsman’s desk.  This bill would hold retailers responsible for selling minors material labeled for mature audiences.  Sellers of books, movies, video games, and music … Continue reading

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“Breaking Dawn” from Twilight series not on the shelves of Utah school library

Reported yesterday in the Salt Lake Tribune, Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twilight Series has arrived at Brockbank Junior High. So why can’t students check it out? Following a parent’s complaint, has not been put on the library … Continue reading

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A false dichotomy: Peter Schmidt argues ideological exclusion may have protected us from terrorists

In an article published today in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Peter Schmidt responds to the call to stop ideological exclusion, the denial of visa to foreign scholars, writers, etc. based on their political positions. In this article, “Obama Must … Continue reading

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“Sex-funded porn”: University of Montana Kaimin’s sex column

A sex column in the University of Montana Kaimin, its student-run newspaper, is the brunt of attacks by a couple professors on campus, one of whom has demanded its cessation.  Bess Davis’ “Bess Sex Column” has been targeted as “state-funded … Continue reading

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A Microcosm of Censorship

We’ve noticed that the State of Oregon has been a hotbed for censorship incidents lately.  Here’s what’s been happening around the state: A Portland fifth grader has decided not to perform his act about President Barack Obama in his elementary … Continue reading

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Teacher fired for pushing for class project on The Laramie Project

Following good news of Steve Martin’s bailout, there’s more bad news on the high school drama front. USA Today reports on the firing of a teacher who led a class project on The Laramie Project – a play and film … Continue reading

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