Utah Governor vetos age-restriction bill

We are very happy to report that Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has vetoed bill HB 353. That bill would have punished sellers for “violating” what were previously voluntary age restrictions. In his letter to the Utah Speaker of the House David Clark and Speaker of the Senate, Huntsman writes:

While protecting children from inappropriate materials is a laudable goal, the language of this bill is so broad that it likely will be struck down by the courts as an unconstitutional violation of the Dormant Commerce Clause and/or the First Amendment.

A very laudable decision.  You can read the entire letter here.

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2 Responses to Utah Governor vetos age-restriction bill

  1. Jeremy says:

    Considering the amount of support it had in the state congress, the veto might just get overturned. But, now I can respect the executive office in my state a little bit more.

    Also, your link to the letter is broken. 😦

  2. Link is fixed now. Thanks for pointing this out.

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