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ISP Bluehost bans content connected to the “rogue” state of Belarus: Geopolitical squabbling or censorship?

On February 20, Washington D.C. resident Yaraslau Kryvoi received notice from Internet service provider and webhost, Utah-based Bluehost, that it was suspending Kryvoi’s account and giving him 10 days to remove content that Bluehost found objectionable from his website. The … Continue reading

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College ACB succeeds JuicyCampus, AKA the rose phenomenon

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” — William Shakespeare The day JuicyCampus shuttered, the website (juicycampus.com) began redirecting to College ACB (Anonymous Confession Board). With the same promise of anonymity, College ACB … Continue reading

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Pleasant Grove v. Summum: Free Speech or Establishment Clause?

According to The Associated Press: The Supreme Court ruled unanimously . . . that a small religious group cannot force a city in Utah to place a granite marker in a local park that already is home to a Ten … Continue reading

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