The show will go on: ‘Picasso at the Lapin Agile’ will be performed

Good news: Picasso at the Lapin Agile is a go in Eastern Oregon. As a student weighed in the comments section:

Hey just wanted to thank you for taking the time to mention our struggle here in Good Ol’ Eastern Oregon. As an update, a student group at Eastern Oregon University has pledged to fund a production of our play at the college. We will be raising money to rent out the 500-person theater for a few nights in May. We will not charge admission at the door, just ask for donations. All profits made will go towards a Thespian Scholarship for aspiring actors who plan to attend EOU. Thank you to all our supporters in the community, but be weary, for I feel this battle is still not over….

You can now donate to support this play through the director’s blog.  Information on the saga is on the blog and information on the play budget is forthcoming. As he wrote in an email to me, “We’ve had expressions of support from many, many people both local and far flung. It’s already been a long strange but gratifying trip and it’s not over yet.”


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2 Responses to The show will go on: ‘Picasso at the Lapin Agile’ will be performed

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  2. Robert Speed says:

    I am glad and relieved that some people, generally speaking, The Young, have demonstrated some common sense in northeastern Oregon.
    God knows, the older generation (and establishment) in the fine community of LaGrande certainly have failed to do so.
    Among the fine goals expressed on the LaGrande high school’s Web site as to academic success include the following:
    • implement effective and powerful instructional strategies …;
    • collaborate with the entire learning community in maintaining a productive and dynamic school culture that honors excellence, INQUIRY, and integrity (emphasis added)…;
    • integrate both the curricular and extra curricular programs at LHS into the local community, making optimum use of community resources and opportunities in the education of our students …;

    Even though school administrators have failed miserably in understanding, let alone implementing, these worthy goals, I am glad to see that censorship shall not stand in my beloved Blue Mountain country.
    As a retired newspaper journalist who remains active in censorship issues in the Pacific Northwest, I am glad to see that intellectual curiosity, academic inquiry, and American aversion to any form of suppression of thought are alive and well in Union County.
    It is unfortunate that local school officials remain so intellectually poverty-stricken as to believe that censorship of well-respected literature is an appropriate response. In fact, such short-sightedness is among the poorest examples of behavior that those who claim to lead can give to those in whom we must soon trust so mightily to maintain our Constitutional protections.
    Question authority. All authority.
    Robert J. Speed
    Richland, Washington

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