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ACLU’s case for Professor Adam Habib continues

Professor Adam Habib has been barred from speaking at US universities, presumably for his critique of the US and Middle East foreign policies. Today, After the government moved to dismiss the case, Judge George O’Toole of the U.S. District Court … Continue reading

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Barney Rosset

Following Barney Rosset’s National Book Award in November (and NCAC’s honoring Rosset as a Free Speech Defender), Newsweek has published a long piece on Rosset, his work and his role in bringing new literature and thought to the American conversation. … Continue reading

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BYU takes down photos of gay students

According to the artist, his series of photographs of gay BYU students and their “support person” (which the artist defined as a family member, friend, or partner)  was taken down from the Fine Art Classes show because “the topic of … Continue reading

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