Poll: By censorship, you mean…

2009 is approaching, and as we plan our next year, we want to know: what censorship issue is nearest and dearest to you? Your answers can help shape this blog and the kind of projects NCAC pursues. Feel free to write in answers. And send it along to friends and frenemies.


About Blog of the National Coalition Against Censorship

Blogging Censorship is where National Coalition Against Censorship staff weigh in on the censorship issues on their minds.
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2 Responses to Poll: By censorship, you mean…

  1. Bruyère, Claire says:

    On the tags: I don’t think one has power over self-censorship, since it is a consequence.
    I would have added at least one item, “censorship of science”.

  2. the ancient says:

    The focus of censorship should be on all forms of expression at a fundamental level. That fundamental level would tie together all forms of expression. How do you do that?

    Enact a federal law that protects freedom of expression in all public places where the expression itself cannot be proven to cause harm or signficant threat to other people.

    In the majority of cases it seems they are using a person moral perspective, not a scientifically objective one that proves harm or real threat.

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