More Banned Books!!

I started earlier this by posting up one of the top ten banned books in honor of Banned Books Week. And Tango Makes Three, a children’s book about two male peguins hatching and raising a chick into a loving family recieved many challenges and complaints making it one of the top ten banned books of 2008. One book that stirred up much controversy was one entitled It’s Perfectly Normal by Robbie Harris.

The aim of the book is to help reassure children and teenagers that what they are experiencing and feeling in puberty is perfectly normal. The book uses illustrations to show the development process of both boys and girls while being narrated by a bird and a bee. One important aspect of the the is that the book is non-judgmental and accepting about homosexuality and bisexuality, and represents gay and lesbian sexuality simply as another way of being. Topics like sexual myths, birth control, awareness of STDs are all covered in this book.

Complaints against the book: Sex Education, Sexually Explicit

We’ll have more banned books for you to check out by the week’s end. In the meantime head over to Banned Books Week on our NCAC page.

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